Custom TV & Stereo

"We Come to You!"

A great sound system is a well thought out combination of speakers, electronics, installation and accessories. We have a wide selection of:

  • Surround Sound Receivers
  • Speakers
  • Powered Subwoofers
  • Amps and Pre-Amps
  • Source Components

The Right Brand for the job

  • Denon
  • Paradigm Reference
  • GoldenEar
  • ​Yamaha
  • Sony ES
  • Anthem
  • Episode
  • ​Sonos and more...


Choices, Choices, choices...

Let Us Be your guide

Here at Custom TV, we are fanatics about music. Are we picky? Yes, but we are realistic too. We know that it not only has to sound right, but it has to blend in to your surroundings. We also know how to pick the right gear and how to install it to achieve optimum results.